what customers say


Lisa Batiashvili


“The bow built for my foundation is fantastic and overwhelming in its quality and playability. As a regular customer for many years, Gregor Walbrodt is the first stop worldwide for me in things like rehairs or restorations.”

Daishin Kashimoto

1st concertmaster berlin philharmonic orchestra

Gregor Walbrodt is the bow maker I trust, highly professional, with a clear sense of the musicians’ sound ideas and wishes. His work is always on point, and even with more complicated undertakings he finds very creative solutions. And always with a very charming sympathetic smile!

Prof. Latica Honda- Rosenberg

Soloist & Professor udk berlin

For many years now I have entrusted Gregor Walbrodt with my bows because of his detailed expertise, his personal creative enthusiasm and his delicate and precise way of working.
I also enjoy playing a Gregor Walbrodt bow, which never ceases to amaze me with its extremely clear and transparent bow sound. Through its precision, it provides my playing with a wealth of variability and expressivity.

Daniel Hope


I commissioned Gregor Walbrodt to make a gold mounted bow for me some years ago. I was thrilled to receive it. It is beautifully created, feels perfect under the hand and is a joy to make music with.

Bows, at least for us musicians, are all about the sound, and Mr Walbrodt’s bow gives me all the range of colours I need. I highly recommend his art.

Prof. Julian Steckel

Soloist & Professor HfM München

Gregor Walbrodt has crafted two beautiful playing frogs for my bows, and his bow rehairs are always of the highest quality.

Prof. J. P. Maintz

Soloist & Professor

udk berlin

I‘m the lucky owner of a wonderful, gold-mounted bow, made by my good friend, the excellent bow-maker Gregor Walbrodt. The bow is pure joy, both esthetically and playing-wise, a true example of the outstanding craftmanship of his maker!
I also commissioned him to make a playing frog for a very special Sartory bow, and it looks and feels absolutely fantastic. Needless to say, since many years Gregor is also my first choice for bow rehair.
I recommend everyone who is interested in modern bows (and I think every string player should at least have one modern bow!) to visit Gregor Walbrodt in Berlin and check out his bows!